SDL Group Welcomes Government White Paper

Rob Clifford White Paper

Commenting on the government’s property white paper, Rob Clifford, commercial director of SDL Group said:

“Today’s white paper announcement is an extremely encouraging step in order to reach first stability and then growth in the UK’s property market.  

“Despite Theresa May’s predecessor David Cameron’s ambition for a “home-owning” population, the current government has reacted in a timely and appropriate manner to a changing landscape. No longer is the emphasis on owning, but value is now also recognised in the rental sector. 

“Delivering will be vital here. With a new focus on renting and the provision of quality rental stock, we also need to ensure buying remains an attractive proposition and continues to work for the masses. Achieving this balance will be key to ensuring an active and sustainable market capable of the growth we all want to see.

“These new measures, including the alteration of planning rules to incorporate a proportion of new homes for ‘affordable rent’, will help more people have security for the future. This will also work for the wider industry with more jobs created in a buoyant market.

“The government’s move to place further emphasis on councils creating rental schemes, will also be beneficial as the quality of the housing stock will undoubtedly rise as a result. Once this begins to happen on a wide scale, more affordable housing will begin to become available for those that wish to buy. It’s a brave move by the Prime Minister, but a progressive and much needed one at that.”

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