An update from SDL Group

31st March 2020

Due to the unprecedented impact that coronavirus (Covid-19) has had on the UK’s property industry, we have made the difficult decision to furlough over 220 of our hard working colleagues across our various business areas.

Our aim has been to limit the number of people impacted as much as we can, and to share as much of the “pain” as possible. As a result, in addition to the furlough monies promised to be paid by the Government under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, we will make a further payment of 40% of the salary not covered by the Government scheme. Whilst we will keep this under review, we currently anticipate this will be for an initial period until the end of May, depending on both Government guidelines and the rate of recovery of the housing market and demand for our services. Rest assured we want to be back up to our normal operational levels as soon as we possibly can.

We have been struck by the support and generosity of our people who continue to work under difficult circumstances, with many asking how they can help to protect further jobs by deferring some of their own salary. As a result, while we have protected the salary of anyone paid less than £25,000, anyone paid more than that has agreed to defer part of their salary, between 5% and 25% – the higher the salary, the bigger the amount deferred. This is an incredible act of generosity and solidarity from the team at SDL.

These are not decisions we ever wanted to make, but we can’t change the circumstances we are in. We are thankful that the Government’s recent legislation has made it less painful than it would otherwise have been, and we are incredibly proud of the way in which all of our people have come together to support our customers and each other. They have demonstrated incredible creativity and commitment in finding new ways to continue to serve our customers wherever it is safe and possible to do so.

Our number one priority throughout has been the safety and well-being of all and we look forward to a time when life can begin to return to normal, but in the meantime our thoughts are with all those affected by the virus and particularly with the emergency services and key workers on whom we are all now so reliant. Thank you to them for all that they are doing for us.

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