How we are reopening our offices

6th July 2020

Keeping our offices clean and providing a safe environment for our people and customers, minimising the risks of the spread of Covid19, is our top priority.

As always, we want to keep everyone safe and are continuing to follow the latest government guidelines about how we do this. This has included undertaking a risk assessment of our offices, which has shown that we need your support to do your bit to help keep our offices safe and clean.

Here’s a few simple steps that we’re asking everyone to follow when visiting or working at one of our offices:

  1. Please use hand sanitiser when you enter the building. As soon as you go into the office, before you touch anything, please use the hand sanitiser gel located by the main doors to sanitise your hands. We also have sanitiser on every floor, and at the entrance to our London office.
  2. If you are working at our office, please keep at least 2m away from anyone else working.
  3. If you are planning to work, before you start, pleese make your way to the nearest cleaning station to collect anti-viral spray to clean your work area. The offices are cleaned twice every day, but cleaning before and after use will help us make doubly sure that the virus will not be spread. Please use the wipes and  spray with the anti-viral surface spray to clean your desk and area. Dispose of this in the closest bin.
  4. When you have finished working, please clean all of your touchpoints again, making sure all equipment is clean for the next person to use.
  5. Before leaving the office, please use the hand sanitiser gel again, located by the main doors, to clean your hands.
  6. Please bring your own food and drink to the office, if needed, as we are not providing any at the moment.

Overall the advice is pretty simple – if you touch it, please sanitise it!

Whenever you are in any of our offices, please also be mindful to keep your movement to a minimum, just to reduce the amount of times you could come in to contact with other people.

If you need to print, we’re asking you to try to do all your printing in one go. When you touch the screen and lid on the printer, again please spray sanitisation spray directly on to some paper towels and wipe the areas you have touched. Dispose of this in the closest bin.

Our cleaners will be around making sure regular touchpoints like door handles and toilets are being cleaned regularly, and as always, please:

  • Wash your hands frequently and for more than 20 seconds
  • Remember to maintain 2 meters social distance from people at all times

We’re very excited that we’re now able to use our offices to offer more flexibility around how our people and customers can work. With your help, we know we can do it safely and with minimal risks.

See you soon!

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