SDL Group’s Gender Pay Gap Report

4th April 2019

As you may know, all companies with over 250 employees are legally required to publish a snapshot of their gender pay gap by the 4th April each year. This is something we’re big fans of at the SDL Group.

We’re confident that we pay equally for equal work, and The Equality Act 2010 makes it illegal for businesses to pay a woman less than a man for doing the same job. Like the vast majority of companies in the UK, particularly in our industry, we have a gender pay gap, and it is vital that we understand the reasons for this, right across the company.

It’s really important for us to be an employer who unleashes and empowers everyone who works for us, and part of doing that is ensuring that we’re all treated fairly. In our report, we showcase the key areas that we’ve identified as being crucial to helping us improve our gender pay gap. This includes acknowledging that certain parts of our industry can command high salaries and bonuses within roles that have historically been filled by men – and that we have fewer women in leadership roles than men.

We know that there is a long way to go before the gap is closed completely, but we’re committed to making a difference. Our gender pay gap is now a specific topic of discussion in our Exec and Board meetings, creating a culture of openness around what could be seen as a difficult subject.

We won’t rest until there really is equality in opportunity and representation across the board. Currently, 38% of our senior leaders today are female – by 2021 we’re targeting for this to be 50%. In real terms, this means taking the number of female senior leaders from 19 to 25 in two years.

We hope you find our report an encouraging read, and we’ll let you know how we’re getting on this time next year.

Find our Gender Pay Gap 2018 Report here

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